Capitalist Creativity: Tate Modern

Today I’ve been tidying up my blog, (who knew having a new design would cause so much work?) and for one reason or another, it made me realise what travels and explorations I’ve completely skipped over. Granted, when I visited London in March I was in the midst of a deep illness, and really struggled with the day, I did really enjoy it nonetheless (which I owe completely to my lovely friends). So here you are: capitalist creativity in London.


Although the ‘Performing for the Camera’ exhibition is over, it was too thought provoking to leave out completely. In fact, it inspired my entire summer art project on ‘making in society’ (posts to come). We explored the entire Gallery: even finding the artists’ ‘red room’ and other equally unique pieces.

I do believe my favourite piece was the tower of stereos (top left): each radio is set to a slightly different station, and so when in the room all you can hear is a mashup of voices, which is equally confusing as scary. But there is some method to the madness, (at least I think so?). Firstly, the stereos get smaller and smaller as the tower gets higher, depicting the evolution of technology, which is pretty damn insightful. But more so, the different radio stations are supposed to represent the idea that we all hear things differently: we all have so many ideas, and we can interpret them all in slightly different ways; what you say may not necessarily be what someone hears.

The Tate Modern is truly an inspirational gallery, and it does make you think about all sorts, it’s incredible how differently everyone can interpret art. Lovely lovely lovely.

I also visited the National Gallery, but took a slightly different approach, check out my new post for memes and ‘when bae’ moments galore!

Sophia x


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