Lake District: 128 Hours

After 60km of mountain climbing and three nights camping, I’m back to my bed (and bathtub) and very worn out.

Torver: We started our trip in Torver, quaint and quiet. Very quiet. But perfect for a days walking to Eskdale, (under 10km away). This isn’t to say that it isn’t hard work mind. Like the rest of the Lakes, Torver has some pretty damn big hills- I would perhaps go as far as mountain-like due to their steep incline and dramatic heights. All in all, it seemed like a lovely place in the little time we spent in it.

Eskdale: Arriving sodden and miserable, I really wish I could stay our stay in Eskdale juxtaposed our mood and the weather. But it didn’t. I’m not one to name and shame, but we met some very rude and inconsiderate people here. I don’t know if it was just pathetic fallacy and everyone was too pissed off by the rain to be civil, but we certainly left with more than a bitter taste in our mouths.

Nether Wasdale: I’m happy to say that the weather cleared up for us on our third day, and on to our third stop: Nether Wasdale. Though admittedly climbing Scafell Pike was the most physically challenging thing I have ever done: carrying four days of camping gear on your back in blistering heat, and with no visible path, it was near impossible. It was most definitely challenging but utterly beautiful, I’m very lucky to have friends who were determined enough to motivate both themselves and I to the top (and back down, that bit is hard too!)

Sidenote: we stayed at Church Stile Campsite, which is the most ideal camping spot if you fancy living with a little ‘luxury’. Working showers, wifi and even a little shop (who will cook you a bacon barm in the morning), we really couldn’t have asked for anymore!

Santon Bridge: This was our final stop before we headed home, weary as we were, it’s only 5km from Nether Wasdale, and with simple enough navigation it only took 90minutes to  reach our destination. If you’re looking for somewhere small and off the beaten track, but with a welcoming set of pubs, Santon Bridge is worth the visit!

After visiting some of the Lake District’s small villages, and staying in some very basic campsites, it was a dream to be on our way home. But just as sad to leave the picturesque region behind. In all honesty I think I was too exhausted to explore its true beauty. We’ll try a youth hostel next time!

Sophia x



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