Chilango Manchester

It’s a Wednesday morning. Still recovering from the Lakes, we decided to relax for a day in Manchester City Centre and grab a bite to eat (and find a holiday!). Needless to day that Oxford Road never fails to impress us with its diverse and truly delicious cafes and pubs.

Two minutes from the station, tucked in on a corner was a comic strip covered burrito bar, the newly-opened, Chilangos.

A little quirky, but unique in its style: Chilangos had a very welcoming atmosphere, with all the staff members asking if we were alright, and helping us to choose the perfect food. The mosaic-filled interior gave it a very homely feel, as well as extending to the pastel colour scheme.

On to the main feature: the food! It’s all well and good having wall paintings and comic strips, but if the food is dire then what’s the point? Luckily, (not that I expected anything else), our burritos and tacos were incredible. I’m talking mouth-wateringly good.

They offered us a variety of burritos and tacos as well as a few special offers, limited, but covering all sorts of meats and sauces. After all, there’s only so much Mexican food you can offer, right?  The layout was very Subway-esque (think BarBurrito) in that you would give the server a basic idea of what you wanted, and then you could add different type of rice, peppers, salsa etc as you pleased. It was all very simple and meant that I could have my burrito just as I liked it.

If I can recommend anything at all, it would be the ‘Manchester Burrito’: chicken with BBQ sauce, rice, guac and salsa, or whatever else takes your fancy.

For three mini tacos, a special burrito and two drinks cost us around £15, with student discount, which for takeaway food out wasn’t half bad at all! The quality of the food supersedes the price, I’d much rather pay an extra few pounds and be able to eat some sort of Mexican-heaven, and sit down and take my time than get a meal deal from Sainsburys across the road and eat it on-the-go.

The Verdict: I honestly can’t think of a bad thing to say: the atmosphere, the food and the pricing were all reasonable, and above all: delicious.

I’ll be back for sure.

Sophia x



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