Urban Decay ‘Naked Flushed’

John Lewis Clearance, you really did outdo yourselves.

Okay, so it may have been a little chipped (photos are from day of purchase) but with it came a meaty discount, so I can’t complain. So let’s review!



Bronzer: In short, this is my new go-to bronzer. It’s natural tones remind me of Benefit’s Hoola bronzer, but perhaps a little more long-wearing. I really like the natural look that you can achieve with just one application, but with the flexibility to go all-out with your contour with the same bronzer if you wanted to. It’s all about building it up and layering with this one!

Highlighter: The highlight has a very pinky undertone, which looks lovely, but unfortunately for me, not something I suit. If you fancy something a bit more peachy I would say away; although it’s not impossible for it to do a decent job, it most definitely is for those who use daring pinker tones. It’s pretty pigmented, and can be built-up like the rest of the kit for a stunning look (just not right for me)

Blusher: The same, unfortunately, stands for the blusher; it is a rather daring and bright pink. I’ve worn this with my MAC blush on a night out, layering them, which seemed to work well, but as a stand-alone colour, it’s too bold for me. cries

I guess that’s the problem with kits, some of the products you’ll like and others not so much. The overall product is fabulous quality and very long wearing, it’s just a shame the colours weren’t for me. But at a bargain, I really can’t complain!

Sophia x


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