What I’m Wearing: Elephants & Exploring


Top: Forever 21

Shorts: H&M

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Zara

Today I thought I’d dig one out of the archive, so here’s a major throwback to Madeira 2015. Embracing my inner child, sightseeing in an elephant tee. What can I say, I wanted to be carefree once more?

I went to explore the highest point of Madeira: Cabo Girao. Picturesque but somewhat terrifying (the view point is made entirely of glass, so you feel as if you’re going to fall thousands of feet below), we had a lovely lunch and cocktails at the cafe, before heading on a walk around Cabo Girao’s rocky terrain. Interesting as it was, it is very, very dry. Such a climate in 40 degree heat isn’t the best idea for a dehydrated family.

Keep watching for more Madeira OOTD’s, I’ve found quite a few in the archive.

Sophia x


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