Hand Luggage Only

My summer, in a nutshell.

For the last six weeks, I’ve been on the move, and I do apologise, because I know it’s meant my blog has had to take a back seat: but surely you have to experience things to write about them, don’t you?

Currently, I’m sat in the kitchen of my grandparent’s home in Normandy (the only room with wifi) sifting through my travel photos, which seemed to make a pretty lovely post. I plan to cover each place individually, but for now, here’s a summary of my adventures!

Week One: Manchester, England

I started my travels in July, with a week working at News Associates: getting an introduction to Journalism with the UK’s Top Ranked Course. A very insightful and useful experience!

Week Two: Barcelona, Spain

Next stop, Barcelona. I travelled with my lovely sister Em: looking at all sorts of architecture and stopping at all sorts of bars, we were both completely in our elements.

Week Three: Y Not Festival, Derbyshire, England

What a crazy weekend this was! With Jay still recovering from his knee injury, it was a tough weekend, but he threw himself in, needless to say I’m very pleased he did!

Week Four: Paris, France

Hopping on another flight, this time to Paris. Jay and I explored the city on a very tight budget. It was truly lovely, and very romantic, I can’t wait to write about this one!

Week Five: Vire, Basse-Normandy, France

A three-hour train took Jay and I to Normandy to visit my family in Normandy. Finally we had some time to relax and put our feet up before flying back home.

Week Six: Nantes, Basse-Normandy, France

Leaving Jay back in England, I flew back to Normandy yesterday, this time bringing with me, my younger cousins as a favour to my auntie (you have to be 16 to fly on your own these days).  This is where I’m at currently and plan just to write and relax!

Week Seven: London, England

Next week, I’m seeing Jay again (surprise, surprise) in London, somewhere much closer to home (or his) for a few nights out, and to start on my next art project, on people.

Week Eight: Lake District, England

This will be my last stop being heading back to working full-time, as a student as well as 20hours a week at work. Camping with my friends should clear my head for sure!

I can’t wait for the rest of my summer plans, but I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had so far. It’s been a life changing experience in many ways, and I just hope I can do this again someday.

Sophia x


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