Life isn’t just for the ‘Living’


‘You deserve every breath you take; every path you walk and every thought you think’

The truth is: life is really really hard. It’s excruciatingly difficult. You’ll love and you’ll lose. I’m not trying to sugar coat that.

But darling, this doesn’t mean your life isn’t worth credit.

The truth is, life isn’t just for the living. It’s to stand still too. To observe and watch: to open your mind to the simplest, most wonderful things you could ever imagine. Maybe it’s the way your sister’s eyes light up when she sees you when you come home. Maybe it’s the smell of cocoa in the depths of Winter.  Who knows?

We don’t have to live everyday like it’s our last. It probably isn’t. The day after won’t be either. The expectation to cram all aspects of your work, education, social life and health into everyday is deluded. Do you know a single person that can do that? I don’t either. There’s nothing wrong with pacing yourself, regardless of whether you’re struggling or not.

Everyday I’m thankful for those who show me life is so much more than days in pyjamas and pain. Everyday is a battle for us all: a conflict between living and life. Sometimes, it’s okay to just choose life. You’ve got the rest of your life to go out and do the living bit. Don’t give up on that.


There are times I’m not honest with anyone around me, or myself for that matter. Crumbling under pressures of full time education and part time work (which often turns into full time hours), I always thought I had to be strong for everyone around me. Too many rely on me for support for me to let them downThis is what I thought at least. I’m lucky to have family and friends that know I may not be going through what they are, but I still struggle in different ways. Being strong for others takes guts and love and care. But being strong for yourself takes time and, frankly, can sometimes be the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

I guess all the things I’m trying to say is all a bit jumbled, but how can we truly express our feelings in any other way? I’ve been able to get what’s on my chest, and that’s why I love blogging. It’s an escape from reality I rarely find. So I thank you dearly for finding the time for reading this.

Sophia x


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