Here’s to Autumn.


Here’s to Autumn. A fresh start in the changing seasons. The falling leaves and rainy days are well underway, and its so freaking easy to moan about the cold weather and dark nights. But there’s something really tranquil about it.

To post as and when is really all I can physically, and mentally, do right now, but I’m taking this change in season to make a positive change in my life. And so should you. I’m not a big believer in ‘New Years Resolutions’, I make them every year, and by January 3rd, I’ve probably already eaten an entire chocolate cake, or smoked a full pack of cigarettes just out of anger at myself for thinking I could ever stick to them. Autumn however, is a whole season, giving you and I time to work up to a positive goal.

World Mental Health Day on Monday really made me take a step back and realise it’s time to change. Not necessarily in my mentality, but just to be more open and optimistic. So here’s a positive post about all the exciting things Autumn will bring us.

First of all, and it really goes without saying. Lush’s new collection. I’ve not managed to get my hands on any goodies yet, but I’m anticipating payday like there’s no tomorrow! I’ve heard from various sources that ‘mistletoe’ is spectacular if you need any recommendations..

Shit gets real in the music world too. My phone buzzes every hour or so, I kid you not, updating my with new concert tickets for the next few months. I’ve got four so far and its all very exciting!

Fashion gets a lot more classy too. I’m a sucker for mute tones and monochrome attire, and in summer although that’s usually acceptable, I was starting to look a little emo-esque. Darker colours are always a staple for Autumn, and wearing something that covers us up a little more never does anyone any harm, and will keep you hella warm!

Next week I’m travelling to London with my lovely friends for a day out in Shoreditch. I cannot stress enough aestethic the fairy lights in every shop window at the sunset hour looks. It’s incredible, and they do some pretty exotic herbal tea, perfect for Autumnal weather.

But most importantly, as Two Door Cinema Club put it, ‘it’s the changing of the seasons and I don’t love you anymore’. Despite the breakup theme (which thankfully I haven’t done, still very happy with Jay), it tells us its time to throw all that negative shit out of our lives and love what we want. What’s more empowering than some indie pop anyway?

So here’s to Autumn, the start of a positive change!

Sophia x



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