Bring Me The Horizon: Manchester Arena


Okay, big breaths. It may have been a week since the best night of my entire life (squeals) occurred, but that doesn’t mean I’m over it. After waiting ten months, I surprised Jay with tickets for one of our favourite bands: Bring Me The Horizon.

To those of you who haven’t heard of the notorious, Sheffield-based band, ‘Bring Me’ consists of five band members, with (gorgeous) lead singer, Oli Sykes adopting an aggressive ‘scream’ style in earlier albums, before settling for a melodic sound, steering away from their deathcore roots. Their latest album ‘That’s The Spirit’ encompasses their heavy guitar riffs with more popular tunes, and has been widely congratulated for its success, the shift in genre allowing the band to fill Arena’s on their 2016/7 tour.

The tour combines their favourite songs from three albums to create an exceptional night of moshing, circle pits and crowd surfing. Yes, you heard me right. Despite the large venue, this was without a doubt, the rowdiest gig I have ever attended. But boy was it brilliant.

The set began with a fascinating middle ground between the two genres, ‘Happy Song’, where the audience were introduced to a display of lights, fire and platforms. Set at an angle to give the impression of a wider stage, Bring Me The Horizon performed at full length, singing, strumming or screaming like nothing before: it felt like a night at Wembley rather than Manchester’s arena.

Now these gigs should come with a ‘warning’ label. They are NOT for the faint hearted. If you aren’t into the head bags and running into strangers, you might want to go seated: BMTH was not a gig for the faint hearted. More than that, the consecutive expletives, although fit the subjects of self harm and drug abuse pretty well, it possibly isn’t one for the kiddies. This said, it was an incredible performance, Oli’s touching performances, particularly ‘Sleepwalking’, help to fight stigma, and the elegant backdrop and sentimental messages from the lead singer really put everything into perspective. You truly see all of the emotion pouring out in each and every song in the most beautiful way.

So, battered, bruised and voiceless, I reflected on the night: overall, it was a brilliant experience, something I’ve never experienced before, but jeez it was tiring! The next few days I dedicated to full recovery from the night, and my voice is fully functioning again. I could not fault the performance, but realise this kind of concert isn’t for everyone.

I searched YouTube to find a clip of the night: this is one of their more melodic pop songs, Follow You, (just incase you’re sat here trying to work out who the hell they are)

I’m off to another gig next week, making the most of being in Manchester, so watch this space!

Sophia x


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