Choose to Look Up


Its a funny ol’ world

God damn, it is. A strange, mysterious, critically beautiful world.

Evening all,

After studying the impact of social media on us ‘millennials’ for a recent assignment, I’ve been astounded at the studies and statistics suggesting we are missing out. Not because of the credit crunch or Trump’s unpopular politics, but because each and every one of us spends hours on our phones, instead of living in the real world: to us, a normal way to spend our time. But when  92% of teens report going online daily — including 24% who say they go online “almost constantly,” it’s really worth more than a thoughtless consideration.

There’s nothing wrong with using our phones, they get us from A to B and keep us in contact with our peers, they create love stories and heart breaks respectively. But all bring a sense of perfection: teaching us to live a false identity, where only our finest selfie-worth photographs are posted online; only the triumphant moments and never the failures. As a millennial, of course, this is pretty much all I’ve ever known (I started my own eBay account aged six, yeah), and take this in my stride as I live my day-to-day. Plus, of course, the internet holds by baby, my blog where I talk nonchalantly to thousands across Twitter and WordPress like its nothing. So, what’s the big deal?

This is the big deal.

From watching this short video, my perspective changed completely. Yes, I use social media for my enjoyment, but has this changed my outlook on the real world? Of course it bloody has! Do I need to have my head in my phone on the train, instead of talking to people? Do I need to resort to the group chat when I’ve got nobody to talk to? I struggle spending time alone, and love being on the phone to Jay or meeting up with my friends, but this shouldn’t mean I can’t function without some form of media?

Recently, my iPhone broke, and for the last month or so, I have been using a 90s Nokia ‘brick’, at first it was like hell, no snapchat, just snake sigh. But after a few days I realised what I could do with my life without resorting to Instagram in every bored moment. Since, I’ve not replaced my iPhone, and I’m sticking to this for good. Social media, you’re fab, but I don’t need you to fill my boredom. I need you to impsire me, let me write posts, and most definitely, not give a f**k what other people think of my ‘likes’. We are worth more than our profiles.

This world is real, don’t take it for granted and bury yourself away in the media.

We’re all guilty of being part of the hype, but lets go and leave these distractions behind.

Sophia x


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