So, some of you may have heard on Twitter that I’ve got a little collaboration up and running… (I say little, but I’ve had an overwhelming response). So introducing, #WeBlogSummer! So, as I’m sure you can tell by the name, we’re blogging about the lovely summer that us bloggers have lying ahead of us. Each week we take a different aspect of summer and interpret it in our own way, create twenty or so different posts for us to share with one another!

This is massive for me, especially as it’s my first collaboration/project, but I’ve tried to outline a general idea of what we are going to do… 

The plan so far: 

  •  Start by writing your post on the chosen topic of the week, schedule this for Monday, 7pm. 
  •  Save the link to this post and email it to me (mydogblog09@outlook.com) with your name, Twitter ID and the title of your post (so mine would be ‘Sophia’, ‘@mydogblog09‘ and ‘Summer Essentials’, for example)
  •  These need to have been sent by 7pm on Sunday. 
  •  By Monday morning, you will have received an email from yours truly, with links to a few other posts, so that you can add these to the bottom of your post. 
  •  At 7pm, all our posts will go live.
  •  Log onto Twitter and use the hashtag #WeBlogSummer to share each other’s posts and talk about the week’s topic
  •  You should give shoutouts/mentions to the blogs I’ve linked you with for that week.
  •  We will then move onto the next weeks topic, and the cycle will continue. 

The collaboration will run every week until the end of August where hopefully, I will be able to run a giveaway of some sort (please let me know if you know of people that can help out with this), and the collaboration will finish. You all deserve some sort of reward for getting involved, right? Who knows, if it goes well we could always continue and have a ‘We Blog Autumn’ as well? 

Onto the schedule. This is what we will be posting about each week. Each topic should be the title to your blog post; or at least something along those lines. Each topic is for you to interpret yourself- if you email me to get involved, I have pointers and suggestions for posts for each topic, so don’t worry if you can’t think of ideas initially. 

We start next Monday…

  • Week One (13th July): ‘#WeBlogSummer: An Introduction…’
  • Week Two (20th July): ‘#WeBlogSummer: Summer Holidays’
  • Week Three (27th July): ‘#WeBlogSummer: Travel’
  • Week Four (3rd August): ‘#WeBlogSummer: Summer Photography/ Summer Music’
  • Week Five (10th August): ‘#WeBlogSummer: Trends’
  • Week Six (17th August): ‘#WeBlogSummer: 10 Reasons/ 10 Things’
  • Week Seven (24th August): ‘#WeBlogSummer: Favourites’
  • Week Eight (31st August): ‘#WeBlogSummer: The summer that was 2015’

So, the question is, what do you think? Would you like to be involved? The more bloggers we can get involved, the better! Just send me a message on Twitter or drop me an email (mydogblog09@outlook.com) and I will be in touch with more information! This is who we’ve got on board so far… 

The Lifestyle Blogger
Rosie from Damzel In This Dress
Georgina from Confessions of a Teenage Blogger
Jayde from Jayde Danielle
Kayleigh from Hazelnut Musings
Elizabeth from Diary of a Girl
Georgia from Suggested by Georgia
Kirsty from Kirsty Talks
Kim from Scarves and Scones
Emily from Emily Underworld
Emma from The Fashion Six
Charlotte from Black and White Sheep
Mrs Ludena from Couture with a Conscience
Laila at Tape Parade
Bronagh from Bronagh’s Beauty and Books
Emily from Fast Fashionista
Vinny from Holistic Health Hun
Marie from Shopaholic with Love
Rachael from Happy Little Syllables
Medusa from Borondys
Sophie from Vava Violet
Krystal from Krystal Cx

Claire from Palm Trees and Taxis

Dani from What Danielle Loves

Similarly, if you’re a brand looking for a new ways to advertise your products, why not get involved and help out with our giveaway? Throughout the project I will post multiple posts on the giveaway items, and am happy to review anything prior to the giveaway as well. Again, tweet or email me. 

That’s it for today lovelies! I would love you know what you think of my project, expect lots of summery inspired posts here soon!

Sophia x 

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